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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Concrete Breaking World Record

I was at the gym the other day watching this clip, on "Sports Nation" I one of top 5 weird Breaking News or something.
My reaction was like, How come its Weird? sorta
I thought it is so much time and unimaginable dedication to accomplish such thing.
Last time I saw concrete breaking was nothing like this, maybe just four pieces of concrete blocks or a little bit more. And now I see a video of a guy breaking 700 concrete blocks like nothin passin by the street.
I wonder how the process of conditioning to overcome something like this.
His Name is Narve Laeret(never heard of him before), And he just set the world record for concrete breaking.
His like a killing machine with those punches.
This makes me think that Humans are capable of anything since we upgrade and improve everyday. Probably in the future some people will have those special Human powers from deep conditioning and concentration.