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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Live show on subway using IPhones

Found this Video two days ago, its a group of people doing a live band show on the subway using their iphones as instruments. Well, the group is actually a real band called "Atomictomband" as its says on the description from the youtube video. The video is really cool and interesting. I never had an ipod or maybe I just don't show interest on having one since I think its out of my budget. I might have to think twice on this one.
The song they did was good too. it was called "Take me out".
I go on the subway everyday to go to work and see different people doing performances from breakdancing to playing violin and singing using other instruments, but this one is quite unique and really well improvised I guess. Let's press the "like" button.
I can imagine in the future paying to see a band in live concert using iphones or other small gadgets, that'll be really is really moving quick. It feels like I just had my first nokia model phone which i don't remember exactly, 3310 i think. That was back in freshman high school and it feels like it was just yesterday..haha..and now they have this.