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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Robot playing Violin

This Video has been up for about two years on youtube, and its still looks cool to me just seeing the robot play the violin. It might not have the emotions of a human does when you hear the instrument being played, but its awesome to watch the progression of technology that is being shown to the world. It makes me imagine what it would be like in the future.
Im Old guess I prefer humans when it comes to this kind of things and we should leave it like that..I think music is better interpret with emotions.
It feels kinda scary and at the same time feels kinda good to think that we made so much improvement to our society and for generations to come.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Live show on subway using IPhones

Found this Video two days ago, its a group of people doing a live band show on the subway using their iphones as instruments. Well, the group is actually a real band called "Atomictomband" as its says on the description from the youtube video. The video is really cool and interesting. I never had an ipod or maybe I just don't show interest on having one since I think its out of my budget. I might have to think twice on this one.
The song they did was good too. it was called "Take me out".
I go on the subway everyday to go to work and see different people doing performances from breakdancing to playing violin and singing using other instruments, but this one is quite unique and really well improvised I guess. Let's press the "like" button.
I can imagine in the future paying to see a band in live concert using iphones or other small gadgets, that'll be really is really moving quick. It feels like I just had my first nokia model phone which i don't remember exactly, 3310 i think. That was back in freshman high school and it feels like it was just yesterday..haha..and now they have this.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Human Trafficking and Slavery - World Problems

This is actually one of those videos that I do not want to see before I go to sleep at night.
I Saw this clip yesterday from a friend of mine on facebook. The video is very sad, but it has a very strong visual message. The children should not have to endure hardship of adult corruption, they shouldn't have to struggle to survive, and they should not be living life like this...ever!!..period.
The video is produced by UNICEF
Pinpointing Human trafficking and Slavery across the globe.
The song is titled, "Blood into Gold"- from Peter Bufett featuring Akon.
The purpose of the video is to call attention to the issue and inspire others to help bring an end to the atrocities associated with human trafficking.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Qi Gong Demonstration - The Use of Chi

I found this video the other week...the video is a documentari and its sorta long, so just bare with it.
There's so much to know about this subject, just google it and some research on your own time.
Qigong is the Mandarin Chinese term used to describe various Chinese systems of physical and mental training for health, martial arts, and self-enlightenment.(found this on Wiki)I was so amazed by this video, because I don't know anyone or seen have seen anybody who can produce heat or sort of energy using "Chi". I guess that's what this video is reffering to. The Person on the video doing the Demonstrations is John Chang, Im not even sure if that is his real name, because as it was mentioned in the video, he didn't want his name to be put out there in the media.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Fast Calculation Using the ABACUS

Who knows how to use the Abacus?...
I learned it back in 1st or 2nd grade I think. after that I chose calculator..hehe.. I find it hard, but i find it as a good tool to use in order to learn the basic math and have a better fast calculation technique inside your brain I its good to impress people..haha
Check out this Video of kids with Amazing super fast calculation using the Abacus...this is insane...I don't know who can compete with this people.
I think Im going to have a nosebleed if I learn to adapt the way they calculate things. Everytime I watch this, the kids look like they're going to the matrix world..Im not sure how to fully explain

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

To All who feels like giving up - Inspirational Video

I came across this video about a day ago through facebook from a friend. I thought it would be a good idea to share this to anyone who hasn't seen it. Its a very inspirational video and good source to use for motivation for life in general. His name is Nick Vujicic from Australia. He serves a great example of living life to the fullest over limitations.
How can anyone not like this video. It actually got me teary eyed for a quick second.
Watch the video, and follow the message, its very easy to comprehend.
I feel in touch with my feelings...hehe...just imagine the life he experienced ever since he was born. The difficulty and struggles he has to face and turn it around to positivity and help many people of all ages from their struggles with his message.
I dedicate this video to everyone dealing with insane hardships in life. Never Give up.

Check out his website to find out more about his story. he also has his bio and blogs.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Teach Babies to Swim for Safety Purposes

I had some little hard time watching this clip..Just the way they put the video together.,You have to check it for yourself to understand what it was. Im Pretty sure that this is for a good purpose and for a more "realistic approach" to the case even though i felt like it was sorta beyond that. I would actually recommend this to any parent to have their babies tke a class any survival and safety purposes.

As it says on the video; In Florida, Texas, Arizona, and California. Drowning is the number one cause of death for children under 5 years of age.
"The Most Comprehensive and effective drowning prevention strategy in the world for infants and young children.( can't disagree right now, since we don't anything better than that)
Infants from 6 months to 12 months learn to roll on their backs to float even while fully cloathed.
PS..Maybe the 5 minute wait thing for the baby in the pool wasn't really 5 minutes. its probably just to show more in-depth to the concept.who knows?

Another Video very similar to tha approach of Drowning Prevention Strategy
The babies "Smile" in the end took some of my worriedness in the end...hehe

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Diet Coke + Mentos

Saw this Video today about mixing Diet Coke and mentos...I didn't think you could make a show out of it, Haha. That was really cool and amazingly insane. Check out the video. Why does the Diet coke explode when you put mentos? I still don't know why. what happen if you do it on your mouth or inside your stomach. im a little afraid to try that one.
Anyway, through the description, 500 mentos was used and 200 liters of Diet coke.
and props to the scientists,hehe

"The Power of Mentos"..LOL

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Kid rides the Big Python

Found this clip today, another Snake video,..haha, From Sithbou Village, Cambodia, A small boy has a 5 meter long Burmese type python as a "Pet".
They've been together since he was a little baby. So its been with the family for years. Do you thik the relation will last? How can you measure trust even though its an animal?
It looks really dangerous, but you know what some people says "they are not", as long as you comprehend with their nature.
The mother of the boy believe's that the python will bring good fortune for the family..Let's just hope it does.

The snake eats 10 chickens a week. Isnt that expensive?
can't help not to think..what if they forgot to feed? will it go snake mode and eat whatever is available in front...HEHE, or maybe its waiting for the kid to gain some weight and save him for the last meal, too much.

I think this is the latest video about the boy and the snake. I think he grew a little.

Snake boy in Cambodia - kid rides giant python from John Einar Sandvand on Vimeo.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Breakdancing Gorilla

Im not sure if its a Gorilla or an ape, can't tell. im not an expert. ANeway, I didn't know such animals can "breakdance"...haha...I mean a while ago I found this video Stating the "History of Dance"...well, this should have been part of it since animals came before humans. It should hav been the beginning of evolution of dancing. There's a little doubt on my head that it might have been just a coincidence, but the moves such as spins, powermoves, and tricks are exactly alike in to what we do when we dance. Even reminds me of Michael Jackson spin or that flashdance do you think?, what animals are there that can dance close to this?
here is the link to my video blog I was talkin about the "Origins of Dance"

Thursday, May 6, 2010

The longest snake ever found!!

Snakes are one of the few Creatures that are very scary, some say they're not, well to me they are. Majority of the people think they are too...haha. I guess its just understanding of their habitat through nature will make us lose that fear of this animals. Anyway, there is a lot more to that, but let me just jump in straight to the video. I found this clip last night(has about 4 millions something views) before I went to sleep and it caught me off-guard. I didnt really expect that was going to happen. My heart heart beat went faster for like 5 seconds. Check it out for yourself. Im still wondering if its really If it is,its really something and also if the person holding the camera was ok. Thats a crazy long, heavy, thick snake. I wonder what they feed big snakes like this everyday, must be a brutal killing for other animal being offered as a meal for the bigger creature and also "expensive" to take care of.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Matrix Table Tennis

Just came accross this video again yesterday, It has more than 12 million views."The Matrix Ping Pong". I just remember that this is the first clip I saw when I found out about the Youtube site. Anyway, this video is hilarious. I watched it about 4 times..hehe. The concept is just intruiging and at the same time funny. I thought they were gonna play a crazy showdown.
I didnt even realize that there was people behind the whole thing until after watching it about 20 seconds later, I feel sorta blind and stupid..LOL. I'm just always amazed by this whole matrix idea thing ever since that movie came out.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Charle Bit my Finger!

this video coming up next...Ive seen like two years ago...its still quite popular on youtube...I think this video was made around 2007 or 2008. Two little kids playing around(Harry and Charlie) biting fingers and stuff...sound like is not much , but actually funny if you watch it...Its probably that baby cuteness effect and those little voices-i think its really cool to imitate. Anyway it "almost" has 200,000,000 million views..who knows maybe in a couple of months. This has to be the most viewed clip that I know of after that "Battle In Kruger video" I also found a clip on youtube of them with their parents being interviewed on a talk show that I don't remember...haha

Check out their latest pics on their blogsite...their actually grown up kids now...heh

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Squirrel Obstacle Course

Have you seen this video?...Saw on TV the other day..another pure awesome narrator in the beginning of the video mentioned that it took quite some time to train the squirrel to do the whole obstacle tricks(I wonder how long that took)...Anywayz, This animals are finally back on the map...hehe...can you really have squirrels as pet?..I just thought of them as outdoors animals that I see on the streets and Parks. Now I want one, but already trained.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Concrete Breaking World Record

I was at the gym the other day watching this clip, on "Sports Nation" I one of top 5 weird Breaking News or something.
My reaction was like, How come its Weird? sorta
I thought it is so much time and unimaginable dedication to accomplish such thing.
Last time I saw concrete breaking was nothing like this, maybe just four pieces of concrete blocks or a little bit more. And now I see a video of a guy breaking 700 concrete blocks like nothin passin by the street.
I wonder how the process of conditioning to overcome something like this.
His Name is Narve Laeret(never heard of him before), And he just set the world record for concrete breaking.
His like a killing machine with those punches.
This makes me think that Humans are capable of anything since we upgrade and improve everyday. Probably in the future some people will have those special Human powers from deep conditioning and concentration.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Biggest Dodgeball game

Found the clip today...this I believe is an experimental game that they're conducting, so it is unofficial...Still I would like to get involved if they have something like this around my area...I used to be good at dodgeball when i was a kid, one of my favorite game. We use to play in the get really depressed when I get hit coz I got used to staying till the last round...haha
Its going to be hard to figure out whos out since there are a bunch of players.
The former record was 450. ANd now they're trying to accomplish 1200 people.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Secret - Planet Earth

I've been watching videos lately with calming background music...and this is one of them...Its good sometimes watching this kind of clips to take my mind away from crazy activities online..this video is cool that it should have been on 3d..hehe...I feel like watching a part of a the chorus part or dont know how to translate that.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Michelle Kwan

I use to Skate before about 12 years ago...but I didnt go far...I learned some jumps, spins, and footworks...Just didnt really think its what I want to do for life(had to make those decisions early on)...but it was really cool to learn some stuff so Im able to comprehend when I see a skater gets down on neway...I found this clip last night with - Michelle kwan competing to the music called, "East of Eden"...and I remember this when I was just learning how to skate...I thought that this one of those memorable piece that she did where she truly captures the music and shows her strong passion through ice skating.I would consider this one of those motivational video for all level skaters.