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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Kid rides the Big Python

Found this clip today, another Snake video,..haha, From Sithbou Village, Cambodia, A small boy has a 5 meter long Burmese type python as a "Pet".
They've been together since he was a little baby. So its been with the family for years. Do you thik the relation will last? How can you measure trust even though its an animal?
It looks really dangerous, but you know what some people says "they are not", as long as you comprehend with their nature.
The mother of the boy believe's that the python will bring good fortune for the family..Let's just hope it does.

The snake eats 10 chickens a week. Isnt that expensive?
can't help not to think..what if they forgot to feed? will it go snake mode and eat whatever is available in front...HEHE, or maybe its waiting for the kid to gain some weight and save him for the last meal, too much.

I think this is the latest video about the boy and the snake. I think he grew a little.

Snake boy in Cambodia - kid rides giant python from John Einar Sandvand on Vimeo.

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  1. What an amazing creature, and what an unusual relationship. I love this.