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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Breakdancing Gorilla

Im not sure if its a Gorilla or an ape, can't tell. im not an expert. ANeway, I didn't know such animals can "breakdance"...haha...I mean a while ago I found this video Stating the "History of Dance"...well, this should have been part of it since animals came before humans. It should hav been the beginning of evolution of dancing. There's a little doubt on my head that it might have been just a coincidence, but the moves such as spins, powermoves, and tricks are exactly alike in to what we do when we dance. Even reminds me of Michael Jackson spin or that flashdance do you think?, what animals are there that can dance close to this?
here is the link to my video blog I was talkin about the "Origins of Dance"

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